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Subject:New address(es)
Time:09:07 pm
Current Mood:chipperchipper
I am moving my blog. Actually I'm bifurcating it into two blogs.

A blog about Kate and my family:


(I am going to make this subscribers-only)

And a blog about everything else (mainly about food and health since that is what I blather on about most of the time):


This is mainly to separate my more personal/family entries from everything else.

Please add to your Bloglines or whatnot.

I will syndicate to Live Journal at some point -- when I get around to it. I hate to leave Live Journal but I need an easier way to upload photos and such -- so I'm moving over to WordPress.
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Subject:Why you should feed your baby butter, raw milk, and sauerkraut ...
Time:08:28 pm
... and why you need to eat them too.

This whole series (videos 1-6) is worth watching. They are talking about nutrition for autistic kids... but it is important information for all of us.

Did you know that fermenting foods increases the nutrition hundreds of times? Isn't that exciting?

Did you know that serotonin is manufactured in the gut? Isn't that amazing?

PS: The woman on the right, Natasha Campbell-McBride, reversed her son's autism through diet.
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Subject:Help save raw milk in California!
Time:09:34 am
Current Mood:determineddetermined
As it stands, there will be no more raw milk allowed in California next month. I'm really upset about this because I drink raw milk every day and use it to make Kate's homemade baby formula.

More and more dairies are going by the wayside across the country due to pressure from lobbyists from big money dairy factory farms. We can't let this happen in California, where raw milk has always been legal and available in stores.

I've posted before about Monsanto milk and their slimy "Milk is Milk" campaign. This is real, people. Freedoms are not taken away all at once. They are taken away one at a time.

Here's what happened... a couple of months ago, they slipped a few sentences into an amendment of the California food code. It was signed by Gov. Schwarzenegger -- even though he probably didn't even know what he was signing.

Here's the press release from Organic Pastures Dairy: http://www.organicpastures.com/pdfs/ab1735_press_release.pdf

Sally Fallon says, "The legislation is obviously aimed at getting rid of raw milk in California using standards that are unnecessary or impossible to meet."

If you live in California and you want the right to buy raw milk and dairy products, please read the following and do what you can to help. Even if you don't currently drink raw milk, please do what you can to fight for these organic dairy farms where the cows are allowed to be on pasture and eat grass all year long. If they get away with this, who knows what they will do next?

In fact, it was just announced that the USDA wants to start doing the same thing -- imposing ridiculous unattainable federal regulations on small growers and family farms -- for all leafy greens!!!


Pasteurization kills enzymes, folks. Enzymes are the building blocks for the absorption of nutrients. Without enzymes, we can't absorb vitamins and minerals.

Furthermore, pasteurization kills probiotics, or good bacteria. We need this bacteria in our digestive tracts in order to build immunity. Why do you think so many kids are allergic to EVERYTHING these days? They've been raised on pasteurized foods, most notably pasteurized milk.

The guy that sells us our milk at the Organic Pastures hub store said that his first-born son was sick all the time and had eczema for five years. His eczema cleared up in TWO weeks after they switched to raw milk.

Here is the page on what you can do (I am writing a letter to Nicole Parra and sending photos of our family with Kate drinking raw milk):


Write or fax letters (no emails) to Nicole Parra, Chair of the Agriculture Committee in the Assembly. Make it personal and real by including a picture of you and your family holding raw milk containers. Tell her to introduce new legislation that will let raw milk continue to flow freely in California.

Assemblymember Nicole Parra
Capitol Office
State Capitol
P.O. Box 942849
Sacramento, CA 94249-0030
(916) 319 - 2030
(916) 319 - 2130 Fax

Also write your assembly members or better yet make an appointment and plead your case directly.

Please, please do what you can to help. Write a letter today. Not just for Kate, but for the cows! And for the right to continue to buy healthy food in California.

Please forward this post via email or blog. (If you post on your blog, please send me the link so I can send it to Organic Pastures -- they will post it on their site.)
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Subject:Henna for Blondes
Time:09:34 pm
The more I read about hair dye, the more I think I can do without.


The thing is, I don't care about having perfectly highlighted hair. I think a lot of people's hair looks fake anyway. I hate that "frosted" look. I like a more natural look -- and I don't really care all that much about my looks. I never have.

Anyway, I really hate going to the salon. So I wait and procrastinate until my roots are super dark and then I finally go. But I hate the whole process. I'd love to skip it and do something more natural.

But since my hair's blonde, I didn't think I could find a natural alternative. Henna is great for reds -- but I look HORRIBLE with red hair. My coloring is all wrong for it.

Anyway, someone just posted on my blog about henna for blondes...


I'm going to look into this. I could just order some and see how it goes. Worst case scenario, it will look like crap -- in which case I'll wear a hat for a while.

It's worth a try. Better than bladder cancer. ;-) And better than wasting hours at the salon.
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Subject:The Town Without a Toothache
Time:08:44 pm
Current Mood:curiouscurious
Dr. George Heard was a dentist in the early part of the 20th century who first practiced in Alabama, where he had a majority of patients with tooth decay that required fillings and extractions -- ultimately resulting in false teeth. He later moved to a small town in Texas where he was stunned to find very few cavities (average of 1.2 decayed spots per child between the ages of 6-18).

No, it wasn't fluoride. There were other Texas towns that had just as much or more fluoride in the water -- and their incidence of tooth decay was greater.

Dr. Heard attributed the town's excellent dental health to diet. Particularly homegrown vegetables from beds rich in minerals, whole grain bread, and plenty of raw milk. And avoidance of white flour and refined sugar.

I asked every patient who came to me: "How much milk do you drink every day. Do you drink raw milk? Do you drink buttermilk and clabber?"

For years I made inquiry of my patients as to their milk habits. Almost invariably I found that the possessor of a mouth full of sound teeth had been a consistent milk drinker from early childhood. A surprisingly large number liked either buttermilk, clabber or both.

The significant fact is that the milk those patients drank came from cows that had grazed on native grass in Deaf Smith County pastures. In winter, as a rule, the cows had grazed on green wheat.

from "Man Versus Toothache" by Dr. George W. Heard, copyright 1952

Why in the world are we drinking skim milk from GRAIN-fed cows? Not to mention cows that are fed corn, soy, dead animals, day-old pastries, etc. Skim, pasteurized milk is completely devoid of nutrition. You may as well drink water.

And cows that are forced to eat grain and other things are not healthy. Grain makes them sick. Which requires more antibiotics, etc. Which is why you don't want to drink pasteurized milk. Not only is it devoid of nutrition, it is from sick cows that are pumped to the gills with antibiotics (and hormones in many cases).

And just what are all those antibiotics doing to the delicate balance of flora in your intestinal tract, the very seat of your immunity?

Do you think the antibiotics are killed or inactivated by the pasteurization process? Does anyone know? I don't know -- I'm not a microbiologist, for godsakes.

But I do know that it can't be good to drink milk from sick cows who are pumped with antibiotics. I don't know how you can dispute that logic.

Cows are meant to eat grass in spring and summer, and hay in fall and winter. They are not meant to stand shoulder-to-shoulder in cramped factories eating grain and other abnormal things out of troughs.

Where are you getting your milk? Do you know the dairy? Do you know what they feed the cows?

If you like to drink milk (I hope you do, it's very good for you and delicious), not to mention eat cheese, ice cream, and butter, here are some good posts to read on my friend Beatrix's blog. These two posts illustrate the difference between real, healthy grass-fed-cow-produced raw milk and factory farm swill.

Please educate yourself:

The Sweet Sound of Cowbells Ringing Out in the Fields:


Think you can't get raw milk, pastured eggs, and grass-fed meat? Well you're probably right that you won't find it at Safeway. You might not even find it at Whole Foods (unless you live in California which does sell raw milk -- for now...).

Here are some resources to help you find good real milk and grass-fed animal food:

http://www.realmilk.com/ (click on WHERE to find sources for real raw milk)

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Subject:It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas
Time:05:22 pm
Current Mood:contentsnuggly
"Sleigh Ride"

J Mitchell Parish, Leroy Anderson, 1948

Just hear those sleigh bells jingling, ring ting tingling too
Come on, it's lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you,
Outside the snow is falling and friends are calling "Yoo hoo,"
Come on, it's lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you.

Giddy yap, giddy yap, giddy yap, let's go, Let's look at the show,
We're riding in a wonderland of snow.
Giddy yap, giddy yap, giddy yap, it's grand just holding your hand,
We're gliding along with a song of a wintry fairy land.

Our cheeks are nice and rosy and comfy cozy are we
We're snuggled up together like two birds of a feather would be
Let's take that road before us and sing a chorus or two
Come on, it's lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you.

There's a birthday party at the home of Farmer Gray
It'll be the perfect ending a perfect day
We'll be singing the songs we love to sing without a single stop,
At the fireplace while we watch the chestnuts pop. Pop! pop! pop!

There's a happy feeling nothing in the world can buy,
When they pass around the chocolate and the pumpkin pie.
It'll nearly be like a picture print by Currier and Ives
These wonderful things are the things we remember all through our lives.

Just hear those sleigh bells jingling, ring ting tingling too
Come on, it's lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you,
Outside the snow is falling and friends are calling "Yoo hoo,"
Come on, it's lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you.

Giddy yap, giddy yap, giddy yap, let's go, Let's look at the show,
We're riding in a wonderland of snow.
Giddy yap, giddy yap, giddy yap, it's grand, Just holding your hand,
We're gliding along with a song of a wintry fairy land

Our cheeks are nice and rosy and comfy cozy are we
We're snuggled up together like two birds of a feather would be
Let's take that road before us and sing a chorus or two
Come on, it's lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you.

Does anyone write lyrics like that anymore?

Yes, I'm listening to Christmas music again. It was chilly and windy outside today. No snow -- this is Los Angeles. But it is starting to feel a little more like Christmas.

Did you ever in your life go caroling? I did, once or twice. We went door to door in our neighborhood when we were kids. It was fun! I don't know if anyone does it anymore but it is so much fun.

I guess pasting lyrics on my Live Journal is my way of doing virtual caroling.

I went to the Organic Pastures store this afternoon to buy milk for the next two weeks. Six gallons! Yes, that's about what we go through: three gallons a week. Kate needs almost a gallon per week for her formula and I drink a quart a day since I'm nursing.

When I came home, Seth and I got on the floor with Kate and let her practice crawling. She is really starting to crawl like a champ. Well okay it's more like dragging herself around like Porgy -- she just needs a little wheeled cart. She doesn't actually use her legs. She knows to move them but she doesn't use them -- she just pulls herself with her arms. Soon she'll figure out that she can use her legs and she'll double or triple her speed (although she's already really fast).

Then I changed her (doubled up cloth diapers with two microfiber inserts) and put her in her jammies with snowmen and snowflakes and a pair of warm socks, gave her a bottle while I read to her from Mother Goose and "Runaway Bunny". She drank her milk and listened sweetly, then rubbed her eyes so I put her in bed and tucked her under the blankies with all her animals. She went right out.

I was too tired to cook so Seth ordered Thai food. Now he is catching up on the Hollywood Reporter and we're having some wine and listening to classical music. The heater is on and Rita is sleeping on a pillow next to me.

We're all going to bed early tonight. I wish there was a blanket of snow outside in the morning. We could build a fire and make popcorn and hot chocolate and watch movies under blankets on the couch.

Maybe it will stay windy at least -- and it will feel somewhat wintry. I'll take Kate for a walk in her stroller and we'll pretend.

PS: I just asked Seth if he would make a fire in the fireplace. He said, "Yes, baby." But I don't see him getting off the couch anytime soon. He's so cozy with his stack of magazines. I also asked him if he could make it snow. He said, "Tomorrow."

PS2: Is it really only 6:30? Cripes. It feels like 10:30!
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Subject:Broth, sugar, and healthy people with no cavities
Time:09:23 pm
Current Mood:relaxedrelaxed
It was a grey day in LA. Rainy and cold and dreary. This kind of weather is so rare in LA, so when it happens, it's kind of fun. Like a snow day or a blackout.

I had soaked some oatmeal last night, so this morning I got to wake up to coffee and a bowl of comforting oatmeal with raisins and maple syrup garnished with a little raw milk.

For lunch I used some of the turkey stock (from the turkey carcass) and leftover turkey from Thanksgiving, added a few carrots, some parsley and sea salt, and made the most delicious, comforting soup for Seth and Alla and myself.

Tonight after dinner I was reading my new friend Beatrix's blog. Even though she lives in the French Alps, I found her online because she and I are into all the same stuff health- and food-wise. Weston Price, raw milk, etc.

Anyway, it was so cool to read that she was feeding her family bone broth today too.


Kate LOVES broth. Absolutely loves it. I feed it to her with a little liver pate mixed in. She likes squash, but she LOVES broth. She can't lap it up fast enough.

This afternoon I made zucchini bread from the "Nourishing Traditions" cookbook. It came out great. Very moist. Maybe a tiny bit too sweet (I added extra maple syrup and uncalled for Rapadura). Next time I'll make it a little less sweet. I might make some other adjustments as well.

I have to say though... I think my taste buds are changing. I don't want sweets as much anymore. I used to eat 2-3 chocolate chip cookies almost every night. I used to crave chocolate and sweets. Now I really don't. I can go days, weeks, months even -- and I don't care about eating sweets at all. Every once in a while I will have a chocolate chip cookie before bed (I got the kind that are frozen but it's all-natural ingredients). I can only eat one. Even then, it feels like a tad too much.

Sweets just taste TOO sweet for me now. That Halloween party where I had the Bluebonnet Cafe cupcake -- it made me dizzy and kind of nauseous. And I only ate half! And I used to be able to devour those cupcakes.

I know part of it is the fact that I am not eating sugar. I don't know the last time I ate real sugar. I've only been eating stevia, maple syrup, raw honey, agave nectar (which I found out I'm not supposed to be eating) and Rapadura.

I think part of it might also have to do with the amount of fat I am eating now. Good fats. Butter, coconut oil, whole milk, eggs. I am satiated. I don't crave anything. I wonder if part of the reason people crave sweets is because they need more fat.

I'm struck by that statistic I read today -- that breast milk is over 50% fat and loaded with cholesterol. If fat and cholesterol are bad for you, then why is breast milk -- the epitome of health food for humans -- loaded with it?

And then you read Weston Price's book (I'm halfway through) and all these people from around the world are eating diets of 50% or more of saturated fat. And they are the healthiest people on the planet. No degenerative diseases. No cancer. No heart disease. No diabetes or arthritis. No obesity. Very, very few cavities. They had no need for doctors or dentists.

What did they eat? Different things, depending on where they lived. The Eskimos ate differently than the people living in the Swiss Alps or African tribes. But overall they all ate a very similar diet -- a lot of saturated fat, some vegetables, lots of meat, fish and/or dairy, and occasionally whole grains. Zero refined flour or sugar.

The people in the Swiss Alps for example, lived on raw milk, cheese, butter, whole grain rye bread, some vegetables, and, once a week they had meat. These people had almost no cavities. And no degenerative diseases. Am I repeating myself? I can't help it. It's just astounding to me! Can you imagine never having to see a doctor or dentist?

So interesting... I read that book about babies and sleep ("Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child" by Dr. Weissbluth) and it says that sleep begets sleep. In other words, the more you help your baby get his or her rest, the better and more he will sleep. Likewise, it's eat fat to lose fat. Eat more fat and you will want to eat less and you will lose fat. Counter-intuitive, eh?

I'm watching "What Not to Wear". They're making over a Rastafarian hippie with dreadlocks that look like really long turds. When I was in the hospital with Kate, I watched this a few times while I was nursing her. It reminds me of that special time. It was so wonderful being in the hospital with our perfect baby, so in awe of and in love with her.

I can't believe how big she's gotten over the past several months. She's so alert and curious and she's crawling and babbling and she even did her first sign the other day. Monkey. You make the sign by scratching under your arms like a monkey.

She also waves now -- hi and goodbye. Not consistently -- but when she does it, it is clear that she knows what she is doing.

It's so fun cuddling with her and nuzzling and kissing those cheeks, that belly, those toes. She's such a delectable baby. And it's fun learning about who she is. She has a strong personality. Independent, unflappable, curious, determined. And she definitely has a good sense of humor. That's obvious already. Very bright, too. It's interesting to me that their personalities emerge so early.

Time for some milk and then bed.
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Subject:Daddy woke the baby
Time:10:24 pm
Current Mood:calmcalm
Daddy came home from a day trip to Denver (left at 6 am, back home at 9 pm) and went in to look at baby while she slept.

Moments later, I heard crying.

I guess he touched her head and it woke her.

I told her he could hold her and rock her in the glider for a while.

A few minutes passed -- there was still crying. She was clearly not relaxing.

I knew she was tired. When Kate gets tired, she just wails. She can't relax in your arms. She has been this way since she was tiny tiny. She's not one to be coddled. When she's really beat, she just wants to go down (in the words of my niece Stella) in her "very own bed".

So I hugged and kissed her, told her it was night-night time, put her back in bed, tucked the covers in tight, and patted her belly. I showed her all her stuffed animals, "Here's your camel. Here's your bear. Here's your kangaroo." And then gave her her favorite, the bunny rabbit, to hug.

And I quickly ushered Daddy out the door.

No more crying.

It's the ritual she responds to. I know the drill. Hug and kiss, say "night night", tuck in, pat pat, show the animals. I really do think every baby is different. This baby is very independent. She needs her space.

Earlier tonight, at bedtime, I was attempting to feed her her last bottle, holding her in the glider. NO GO. She was screaming her head off, back arched, mouth as wide open as possible. I suppose I could have panicked, but knowing our Kate, I knew what she needed. I put her in her bed. She was asleep within 15 minutes.

Poor Daddy. I feel sorry for him, having to be gone all day, away from her. He just wanted to give her some love and instead he made her cry. It must be hard to be a daddy.
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Subject:How saturated fat got its bad name
Time:08:48 pm
Current Mood:chipperchipper
Everything good for you is bad for you. Everything bad for you is good for you.

Butter is good.
Butter is BAD!
Margarine is good!
Margarine is BAD!
Butter is good again!

Milk is good.
Milk is BAD!
Soy milk is good!
Soy milk is BAD!
Milk is good again! (raw milk, that is)

Why is this happening? Why do the medical/nutrition/food industries keep changing their minds about what we should be eating?

Could it be... money? Prestige? Corruption?

Sigh. Same old story. That story is called Money Makes the World Go 'Round.

Ask yourself this question: What's cheaper to produce than butter?

How about "vegetable oil" and "margarine" (made from cheap industrial corn and soy)?

Cheaper and "healthier" (???).

Healthier only because certain scientists did research that showed that it was healthier. If you watch the video below, you'll see that the research was flawed.

The good news is -- you can eat butter again. (Make it raw butter if you can. It's better for you.)

And if you're still scared to eat butter, remember -- Julia Child was a big advocate of saturated fat... butter, heavy cream, foie gras. She ate that kind of stuff all the time.

In fact, my favorite quote from Julia Child was from an episode of one of her TV shows. She said (paraphrase), "If you're worried that there's too much butter in this recipe, you don't have to use this much butter -- you can substitute with cream."

And how did she die? Heart disease? Diabetes? Stroke?

None of the above.

She died in her sleep, aged 91.

This is an clip from a new movie coming out, a documentary called Fat Head that is a response to Morgan Spurlock's "Super Size Me". I'm looking forward to seeing it!

I'll leave you with this... did you know that breast milk is over 50% fat, much of it cholesterol? It has the highest percentage of cholesterol of any food (according to Dr. Mary Enig http://www.westonaprice.org/knowyourfats/skinny.html).

If breast milk is so good for you, and it's chock full of cholesterol and saturated fat, how can those things be bad?
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Subject:Sunrise, sunset
Time:09:04 pm
Current Mood:happyhappy
I had to go to the dentist this afternoon (they are putting in a crown on the crownless root canal tooth I had worked on before Kate was born). Driving home from downtown around 4:30 pm, I got to see the most spectacular sunset.

OK not the most spectacular, because every sunset is spectacular. In its own way. Like every snowflake is spectacular. Like every dog. Every cat. Every human being.

Anyway, it was gorgeous and beautiful and breathtaking. I kept trying to focus on driving but all I really wanted to do was breathe in this incredible sunset.

Suddenly it struck me that the majority (like 90%) of the cars were coming in the opposite direction. The majority of people on the road WERE MISSING THIS SUNSET. It then occurred to me that all these people make this commute every day and they all miss the sunset. Not only that, but they miss the sunrise too.

All these people, working so hard, swimming upstream. And a few of us lucky (I don't really believe in luck) bastards get to swim downstream... happily driving west, toward the ocean, marveling at the splendor of the divine.

And to think it was going to the dentist that allowed me to witness this. Clouds with silver linings.

I too miss the sunrise and sunset most days -- not because I'm stuck in a car going the wrong way -- but because our house doesn't have a view.

I decided right then that our next house will have a view of at least sunrise and/or sunset. Heck, why not both? Maybe we'll have sunrise in one room or on one patio -- with our morning coffee -- and sunset on a deck or in a den. Ahh, doesn't that sound fantastic?

Yes, yes it does. And I have experienced enough times in my life the reality of visualization creating manifestations. I have done it so many times. I know it works. So I'm going to create our next house. It's going to be huge and rambling and modern and elegant. With alternative energy and a gourmet kitchen and filtered water and showers and unbelievable gardens and a salt water swimming pool.

Fun to think about. Happy where I am and eager for more, as Abe says.

Tonight I made the most delicious salad -- the "High Enzyme Salad" from the Nourishing Traditions cookbook. Sprouted sunflower seeds, grated carrots and raw cheddar cheese, chopped cucumber, red bell pepper and zucchini (I added that last one) on a bed of greens with a vinaigrette dressing. I forgot the avocado and green onion -- oh well.

We had that and shrimp sauteed in lemon butter sauce along with some ceviche I got from Rawesome. Along with some Gewurtztraminer from Roshambo that didn't taste peppery and spicy like most Gewurtzes -- it was like honey. Nice with this meal.

Went and checked on the baby. Nothing sweeter than a little chubs all tucked in and sleeping soundly. I held her hand and she grunted and tossed.

I can hear Seth snoring now in the bedroom. Life is good.

I enjoy my life so much these days. Washing and drying cloth diapers, folding them and putting them away next to the changing table. Making the homemade formula in the blender, filling glass bottles and lining them up in the fridge. Making chicken stock and baby food puree, storing it in ice trays -- butternut squash, zucchini, carrots, apple sauce, papaya, cantaloupe, and chicken liver pate. Lots to do but it is all enjoyable.

Funny, I was at Rawesome today, doing my shopping. James, the owner, greeted me with an enthusiastic, "Hello!" I was thinking about him as I shopped, thinking about how happy he always seems. He's passionate (just ask him about the politics around raw milk or raw almonds in California and you'll see how passionate he is). But it's not an angry passion. It's a joyful vitality. Something so many people are missing. There is nothing about him that seems depressed or repressed. He is real. He is vital.

And I was thinking about him and how much he must love his job. He gets to bring good, raw, organic food to the people. Food you can't find at Ralph's. You seriously can't. I can't get pastured eggs at Ralph's or Trader Joe's or even Whole Food's. Rawesome is it.

And he is supporting farmers. It's got to feel good to know that the chicken lady has customers for her pastured eggs. She's making money, and people are getting good food.

Anyway, that is how I feel about being a mom. I don't mind washing cloth diapers. I don't mind spending hours researching nutrition and scouting out the healthiest foods and taking the time to prepare them the old-fashioned ways -- instead of just throwing something in the microwave. Like James at Rawesome, I feel like what I am doing is important. I am needed. And I am passionate about this. It makes me want to get out of bed in the morning.

And there's something so comforting and warm about a home with a big basket full of fresh organic fruits on the kitchen counter, a stockpot of chicken or beef stock simmering, a fridge full of fresh raw milk and pastured eggs. I know that I am helping my family become healthier.

I know, the results aren't in yet. We've only been doing this for a few months. We did cure Kate's cradle cap and Seth lost a few pounds... but I predict we will see bigger results in the long term.

In the meantime, I'm just happy.

Happy where I am and eager for more.

Isn't that how little kids look at life? Maybe that's why they spend so much time laughing and tickling each other and rolling in grass and making mud pies and snorting milk out of their noses.

Maybe we should all do more of that. All of that. And watch more sunsets.

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